A sampling of a few Success Stories...

Lisa Weber is a gift from God to the Buhlman family. First she helped my husband with pre-diabetics issues. After some conversation about our oldest daughter, she helped her resolve digestive issues that three years with a pediatric gastroenterologist could not figure out. Then youngest daughter’s sudden anemic issues were also something Lisa could help with. And then there is my osteoarthritis and freaking menopause. Western medicine has its limits and for my family our best health care requires advice and input from Lisa Weber.
— Karla Buhlman, Los Angeles, CA


Before I met with Lisa, I thought that I would not be successful in improving my health. Since working with her, my cholesterol has gone down over 100 points and is still going down, I’ve lost 65 lbs and am still loosing more, my immune system is the strongest it’s been in over 8 years and my digestive system has improved so well that I can now eat foods I couldn’t before.

My favorite thing about Lisa is her knowledge, kindness and knowing how to keep me motivated/keep me going. She motivates kindly so I want to do all the work it takes to regain my health. I have now been successful in the journey to regain my health and I am still moving forward in healing my body with the help of Lisa.
— S.O., Los Angeles, CA
I loved meeting with Lisa. It was great to be able to talk about all my health/life concerns with someone who helped validate my experiences and got down to the root cause. I know that the health of my body and mind are very interconnected and Lisa was able to counsel me how to best make changes that affected both.

Going to Lisa will give you the tools to make the changes in your body that will allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted, to feel whole - in body and soul.
— Erin Anderson, Los Angeles, CA
Lisa is a caring, selfless nutritional genius. She exudes sincerity, evidenced by her genuine effort to remember not only the details of my diet, but also the details of my life. She is non-judgmental, always gave me her undivided attention, and went the extra mile to offer recommendations uniquely fitted to my needs. I left our sessions feeling healthier, happier, and generally motivated to live better. In short, Lisa has a lifting effect on those she serves. I whole-heartedly recommend her as a nutritional health advisor.
— Adam Reiser, NYC
Before meeting with Lisa, I was afraid that it would be awkward or that she would be mean and/or condescending. But instead, Lisa was warm and kind, and overall just a wonderful person to work with.

With Lisa’s help, I was able to figure out why I had such terrible stomach pains and discovered that I had a gluten allergy. Now, I no longer experience frequent stomach pain and have been able to eat food that is much better for my body!

Additionally, Lisa has been a massive asset in improving my mental health as I have dealt with depression and anxiety during my time at college. Having Lisa there for guidance and advice helped me cope with my mental health problems and graduate from my university in four years with honors, something I could not have done without her help.
— Jocelyn B., California