Interested in how Chinese Medicine can help you? Acupuncture is 1 type of modality among many I am learning. Here is a list of conditions the World Health Organization determined acupuncture helps.  

I am excited to announce that since July 2014, I am interning at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA! 
Please call 310-453-8383 to schedule an appointment. 


Other internships:

The doctors and their specialties I've been privileged to intern under include:

  • Dr. Ji Zhang - internal medicine, top herbal specialist
  • Dr. Joseph Yang - psychiatry, top herbal specialist
  • Dr. David Twicken - psycho-emotional, internal medicine
  • Dr. Qiu - cardiology, fertility
  • Dr. Doug Eisenstark - pyscho-emotional, addiction
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fine - internal medicine, pain management, pyscho-emotional
  • Lesley Moorcroft - women's health, fertility, pediatrics
  • Mark Franco - pain management 
  • Dr. Christine Chang - pain management 

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