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From digestive distress to low energy, from weight loss to stress and overwhelm, Lisa supports men and women who are invested in finding answers to feeling energized, balanced and like themselves again.  

By using modern research combined with traditional healing methods and years of experience, Lisa's mission is to personalize your healing plan so you can actually enjoy and feel good in the body you are living in. 

"I no longer experience frequent stomach pain and have been able to eat food that is much better for my body!" 

Whether you are stuck and wanting to lose those 20 pounds that have creeped up over the years or are sick and tired of being tied down to the toilet all the time, she is the Health Coach for you


Lisa's Story...

Lisa's work is influenced from her years of suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and more. After years of following everything she was "suppose" to do and only getting worse, she took a huge step of faith (some would say craziness) and on the recommendation of a health professional, saw an acupuncturist who first tweaked her nutrition. Feeling relief for the 1st time in years, lead her to go back to nutrition school in NYC then years later to Chinese Medical school in Los Angeles, CA. 

With a Bachelor of Science, certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she studied with over 40 national experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil and now finishing up an advanced 4-year graduate degree in Chinese Medicine, Lisa offers a well-rounded, supportive environment for you to reach your health goals. In fact, she's coached clients from all over the US and world - including Australia and Dubai!

When not coaching private clients, current IIN Health Coach students or interning at various clinics specializing in custom herbal formulas and acupuncture, you can find her in the mountains exploring a new trail. 

To get started on your personalized health program, schedule a Complimentary Breakthrough session with Lisa today!